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About Me

Basically, it's pretty simple. I am a married woman with 3 beautiful daughters. Abigayle is 13, Paige is 10 and Zoey is 8.  I work full time as the teacher of Grades 1 & 2 at Beacon Hill School. I spend my free time.....wait.....what free time?!?


As mentioned above, I have lived in Fort McMurray for 20 years and graduated from Fort McMurray Composite High School. I went on to attend Keyano College for 2 years and then moved to the University of Lethbridge where I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. I then moved on to the University of Alberta where I earned my degree in Elemetary Education in 2003.

I have been in Fort McMurray ever since, building my family and my career.

I earned my Master's of Education Degree in 2018.


I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in the 2nd grade. There were two very important factors that I took into consideration:

1. My teacher could write on the chalkboard whenever she liked

2. She had very long fingernails

Unfortunately, as time went on I realized my nails would always be prone to break and crack and the feeling of chalk on my hands gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Luckily, by then I had realized my real drive toward teaching...THE MONEY!!

....just kidding :)

THE KIDS!!  I love working with kids and believe that I will always be a kid at heart. I love watching them grow and learn and succeed. It it a miraculous thing to watch a child learn new skills and see smiles of satisfaction.  It truly is a passion and I love it!!


Some other...smaller...yet important facts:

1. I tell bad jokes....but I still think I'm funny

2. I am incredibly forgetful. As a parent of a student in my class you will get used to receiving notes about events, etc that I forgot to tell you about. Furthermore, if you tell me something important, please ensure you WATCH me write it down! Someone once told me that a goldfish has a memory of 2 seconds. Oh how I envy them.....2 WHOLE seconds!!


Not much else to tell other that I love to teach and I love to laugh so I do what I can to combine them both to make a fun and stimulating learning environment.

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